House of Møbel is a destination for original vintage furniture and lighting from Scandinavia, which is carefully curated and expertly restored on arrival in the UK. Engaged in the contemporary design scene, we regularly carry products by brands with a sustainable ethos. We also celebrate local artists and designers through an ever-evolving array of collaborations. 

Founded, by Daisy Macleod, out of a love for Scandinavian design and the incomparable quality and craftsmanship of mid-century furniture, House of Møbel aims to offer an authentic approach to engaging with this brilliant period of modern design.


company philosophy

Our aim, at House of Møbel, is to cut out the struggle that is often experienced when sourcing vintage furniture and offer a sustainable approach for the impact conscious buyer. The world is full of stylish, vintage furniture that is made to last a lifetime at least. 

In our small way, we hope to replace ‘bought new’ consumption with an investment mindset. Mid Century furniture, especially pieces by iconic designers can be seen as not only a financial investment, but also an investment into a more sustainable future and a healthy circular economy.